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Location: Rawang, Malaysia

Saturday, May 20, 2006

A trip to Ikea

Its a very lousy trip! Found out that day my mom forgot to bring milk powder and my dad went across to Tesco to buy.

By the time we wanted to go around Ikea it was too late. The store was about to close. So end up grabbing candy floss. I could only enjoy seeing my sis eating it. Sigh*

Friday, May 19, 2006

My Development of Growth

Date Age Weight (kg) Height (cm) Head circumference (cm)
21-03-06 0w 3.35 53 34
25-04-06 1m 4.9 58 38

Elyon the Babe..

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My Family!!!!

We are 4 in a family. My dad (Les 35), my mom (Adeline 28), my sis (Elysia 4). We moved to Rawang on the 11April 2006. A new chapter of life in Rawang.

"A loaf of Bread"

My name is Elyon Gabriel. I was born on 21st March 2006 in Mahkota Medical Centre, No3. Mahkota Melaka, Jln Merdeka, 75000 Melaka at 11.39am. My weight was 3.35kg and lenght 53cm.
My mother's Dr is Fong Pok San
Gynae Consultant
Suite 206
My paediatrian is Dr. Yip Sek Onn
(Consultant Paediatrian) MBBS(Mal).MRCP(UK)
YIP Child Specialist Clinic
Suite 313A
Tel: 06-2848222,281333 Ext: 3101 Fax: 06-2830839
I was freshly bake from the oven and was put in the nursery while my mom laid at Room C4 . Beside breast milk, I also took Mamex milk and I nicely tried other milk eg. Similac, Isomil and Anmum. I have my mom's eye brows and glossy black hair. You see me most of the time sleeping or yawning away.
Here are some stuff that happen to me in the night. One of the night, I was crying for milk and my dad been drowsy gave me CEREAL MILK when I was a month old. The other time, my dad actually gave me watery milk in the night..My poor tired Dad!!

Dont I look adorable? I am a month old. Guess mom actually wore me a girl rompers "puff sleeves" , she really wanted to check out whether my sis and I look a like when we were a month old.